Hudson Valley 360: C&D project withdrawn from DEC

In Today’s Hudson Valley 360 by Sarah Trafton.

ATHENS — State officials confirmed Thursday that the application for a proposed construction and demolition debris processing facility has been withdrawn.

The project, proposed by Athens Stevedoring & Environmental Development LLC, involved importing 8,400 tons of C&D materials each week to a 6.1-acre site off North Washington Street, according to the developer’s application to the state Department of Environmental Conservation on Jan. 3….

“Thanks to all who got involved and made their opposition to this project known,” according to the website. “But we’d especially like to thank the good people at Keep it Greene and Friends of Athens who worked so hard to bring this matter to the attention of local government on every level. We have no doubt that the diligence of these two organizations combined with opposition from the community was instrumental in pushing back this existential threat to our village.”

Mayor Stephan Bradicich echoed similar remarks in a release from Keep it Greene, a local environmental activist group.

“I am very proud of how our entire community came together to make their voices heard,” Bradicich said. “I have no doubt that the large and unified opposition to this project played a large part in stopping the effort.”

Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay also credited community engagement.

“The system worked here because these communities got the facts and got active,” Gallay said. “This should give everyone in the Hudson River watershed the confidence to fight misbegotten projects like these in their own communities.”

Keep it Greene collaborated with several organizations and lawmakers in its efforts, according to the release.

“Keep It Greene worked with Friends of Athens,, Hudson Riverkeeper, and the Village of Athens Mayor and Board of Trustees to inform the community and encourage them to organize,” according to the release. “After an outpouring of support from the public — an online petition garnered over 2,000 signatures in only two weeks — and support from State Assemblymember Chris Tague (R) and Congressman Antonio Delgado (D), Athens Stevedoring withdrew its application and abandoned the project.”


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